Four F-35B Lightning jets land on HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first Carrier Sea Training. (UK Ministry of Defence/Courtesy of)

During these unprecedented times when the UK needs to redefine its place in the future of the mid- 21st century, they give the job of designing their Grand Strategy to none other than a historian. John Bew, a professor in history and foreign policy at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, is not the most obvious choice to lead this great strategy that will shape the post-Brexit era, but irony is after all an unmistakably British custom.

If Humphrey from the famous “Yes, Minister” show could teach us anything, it is that the UK was never truly…

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

As 2020 came to a dramatic close, the worst case scenarios appear to be materialising in the Balkan region. The initial successes of keeping the pandemic at bay with relatively low numbers of cases by the stark comparison to Italy, France, Spain and the UK, seems a distant past.

Deaths are doubling and reaching all-time highs, whilst the already stretched health-care systems struggle to cope. Even before the pandemic, the Balkan region had the lowest number of doctors per capita in Europe. Croatia, a member of the EU, found that it lacks over a 1000 doctors and in particular lacks…

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Whether it is the treatment of the Uyghur people or the security laws in Hong Kong, China has a bad track record with human rights making itself unpopular on the European continent. Yet despite this, the European Union (EU) ended the year by sealing the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment to protect its economic interest. However, with China resisting the binding commitments on labour rights, the EU is appearing schizophrenic in this balancing act between its values and its interests.

China has repeatedly denied any wrongful action despite the frightful scenes of labour camps and unlawful imprisonment of people such…

by Iva Dim

What is Wrong with Education?

Undeniably, this question is loaded on so many levels. Yet despite its complexities, we have decided to tackle this challenge and give our best attempt at assessing the evidence and literature available to us, in order to reach a conclusion on the shortcomings of our educational systems.

We took on this challenge because the topic of education is at the core of our project at levol and it is a subject that we are extremely passionate about. After a series of mostly disappointing experiences, we found ourselves entering adulthood feeling disappointed by the systems that…

Iva Dim

Founder of levol & Senior Research Fellow for EU and Balkan Region at SPIPA: Strategic Pan Indo-Pacific Area

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